Hi all!

My dang life has gotten in the way of posting a daily picture of our love bean. He still works his Blue Steel for my camera pretty much everyday but I'm finding it a bit much to keep the blog updated. So from now on I will pop in here once in a while to show off this little thang me and Cliff made but it won't be an everyday thing. I hope you are all cool with that!

Try adding me to your google reader (you can google that if you don't know what it is, hardy har har!) so that you don't come back to the site unless I post something new.

Love, peace, joy, and PBJ (Pam, that's for you. Which, do you read this? I hope so otherwise I'll just sound cra-zay)


\\ 103 \\

\\ 102 \\

\\ 101 \\

What an exhibitionist. Note, I've blacked out your no-no zone.

\\ 100 \\

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