\\ 41 \\

I hate to admit this but you have never woken up from a nap without crying. Until today!
This is how I found you when I came to check on you.
Playing away your sleepiness and bed-head.
My heart (and ears) were so happy.


Nicole said...

What a nice moment! Very sweet, soft tones to these photos.

Big Bad Wolf said...

yes, I agree..a very soft toned picture..very nice!!

Whitney Harness said...

Must have been nice, yay Bean! I love his crib - I so wish I lived near an Ikea (assuming that is where you got it).

Courtenay Davidson said...

I can't wait til next week.

georgia said...

Just wanted to commiserate: 99/100 naps, my little one wakes up crying too. Not hysterical, but definitely grouchy. Takes her a good 10 minutes before she is friendly again. :) Gorgeous photos!