\\ 59 \\

Bean! You keep me so, so busy that some days I struggle to pull my camera out.
But, I always (almost always) have my iPhone. It helps that I'm addicted to Instagram too. Napping has been an utter joke for a few days so I drew a bath and blacked out your room in hopes your baby brain couldn't tell it was still day. Amateur move, I know, but I'm grabbing at anything right now:)


Shannon said...

So cute! I love the washcloth, I hope it tasted good!

Taylor M. said...

this picture reminds me of this strange habit to chew freshly washed washcloths as a child:)

Faith said...

Real camera or iPhone, it doesn't make a difference....your little bean always looks so adorable and sweet! Sometimes you've got to just capture the moment and not worry about anything else. Hope he gets back to taking naps again for you soon.