\\ 45 \\

Love note to daddy:

I love your kisses (nice and soft)
I love your snuggles (really warm)
I love your scratchy beard (good for tickling)
I love your stories (because I like your voice)
I love your jokes (they are funny)
I love your long hair (good for pulling)
I love your black hat (good for grabbing)
I love you (like, a lot)

Love Arlo Bean

PS: Mommy loves all these things too (but not pulling your hair or grabbing your hat because she's not a baby)


Erin said...

This is a stunning photo! The heart sticker! (And such a cute love note.) I love that through our project we celebrate love and joy daily, and don't save it for special occasions.

Nicole said...

This is just too cute, Ashley!

Andrea said...

Oh my heart, that is just too much sweetness in one post!!! How lovely <3

Kylie Giggins said...

I love this photo. It is so perfect.

Jules said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful love note, too.

Kate said...

love a bit of v-day loving! precious photo, love the heart!!! just magic x

Amber said...

Simply beautiful. I love this little heart.

GRAMMA said...

Our little Bean! I heart U, You are too precious. Great work Ash!
Love you guys.