\\ 26 \\

To your papa and I, this is the smile to end all smiles.
But last night was the most challenging one since you chose us as your parents.
A total of two hours sleep makes a sad baby, a sad mama, and a tired, tired papa.
But despite the wretched exhaustion that loomed dark in our house today, we still
found time for moments so full of your smile that we've almost forgotten last night.
Here you are with your new BFF, Rick James.


Jules said...

Oh he is so so so cute! These are lovely photos.

Erin said...

*Love* the name. And sitting next to the unused crib... hopefully you all get some sleep tonight!

Monika Eisenbart said...

Oh I hope you get some sleep tonight.
Love the room decor and new toy is just perfect.

Courtenay Davidson said...

Hahahahaha, Rick James. Love it. Miss you guys already.

Pamela said...

He looks so joyful on his rocking horse.
And the nursery decor is very beautiful and calming. :)

Nicole said...

I think we have the same crib-Ikea? LOL re Rick James! And Arlo is super cute!

arlogray said...

Yup, Ikea. Who needs a fancy pants crib? Ikea is the BEST. Isn't good ol' Ricky awesome? I'll have to remember to explain the real Rick James to him instead of the Dave Chapelle version that I favor;)

Chelsea said...

I LOVE that you named his horse Rick James. Beautiful notes and photos Ashley!