\\ 23 \\

You sneaky baby bean.
You must not leave my sight for even ten seconds it seems.
Can you imagine what harm could have come of this scarf?
And we won't even speak of the horrors of knitting needles in and around cute baby faces.
You had fun and I, a heart attack. I foresee this as a common theme in the years to come.


Erin said...

I love that second shot! The perspective is so cool looking. (As a fellow crafter, knowing that the yarn is attached to a project makes the second picture particularly funny/frustrating, too!)

Brooke said...

Great set - I particularly love the perspective on the second photo.... and I know the heart attack feeling all too well, unfortunately I think it gets worse (a lot worse) before if goes away! My little boy likes to have those heart attack enduring moments daily it seems ;-)

Nicole said...

Yep, definitely a common theme! Not only dangerous things but disgusting things too. Fun!