\\ 17 \\

One cannot begin to describe how cold it is here.
And it will remain that way all week.
So we will find ourselves indoors and with a touch of cabin fever until then!
Today we read (ate) a lot of books and I made you wear that cute hat.


Shannon said...

Your little one is so cute in that hat! I love the books, my girls love Sandra Boynton as well! Good luck with the cabin fever, I hope it goes well :)

Nicole said...

My guy is finally listening more than eating but he ate all of his board books for a long time too.

It looks beautiful there! You'd laugh that we were freezing today and it was in the 40s. But it's Texas, so that's cold for us.

Belinda said...

Wow, I just love that 3rd photo, I just want to jump on a plane and come to you :) Oh yes and your little man is super cute as always!

Georgia said...

We are fellow cabin fever sufferers :) LOVE that third photo!

Megan said...

Haha - i love those little ears! That hat is so cute!