\\ 15 \\

A new day, a new food.
It's becoming harder and harder not to include you in our mealtimes.
So I put on my nice mama hat today and let you at the pancakes.
I think you rather appreciated being let in on the secret that is pancake deliciousness.


Denise Furtado de Garcia said...


Anonymous said...

Yum pancakes!! Hehe he looks like he's loving it!

Aunty said...

Hahahah, love this.

Sharlene said...

now i feel like eating pancakes!

looks like they were a good batch too, judging by the smile on arlo's face :)

lmorgansgradethreeclass said...

That Arlo is soooo cute! We can't wait for his next visit to our classroom!

From all your friends and fans in Room 4 at JES!

Aunty said...

I can't even wait for tomorrow.